Fall Harvest cont…

I keep reading all my northern friends’ updates on Facebook on how the weather is changing and fall has arrived and I must admit I am rather J-E-A-L-O-U-S. As you know by now fall is my favorite season, and coincidently I have yet to experience an actual fall myself. I dream of being in a place where the leaves fall and changes to all sorts of beautiful and rich autumn colors like this beautiful Michigan fall picture below. Isn’t it just gorgeous?!

I have been so busy with my last few parties that I hardly have had the chance to complete all my fall paper good collections. After seeing this, I could not put it off anymore. I finally completed our Fall Harvest Thanksgiving collection, mentioned previously on this post. I am delighted that I was able to incorporate beautiful colors inspired by both this picture above and Amy Atlas’ Thanksgiving treats table below:

Here are the previews of some of the items in our class Fall Harvest collection. I really love how everything tied in together, I cannot wait to host my very own Thanksgiving dinner for my family and friends 🙂

Our entire Fall Harvest Thanksgiving collection is available now on our Etsy Shop. Check it out when you get a chance, until then.. Stay Chic!

Fall Michigan photo courtesy of  MichPics.WordPress.com via upthedubs

Thanksgiving Sweets station photo courtesy of: Amy Atlas Events

Fall Harvest…

We all know how much I love the fall, I have so many exciting decor ideas for my most favorite holidays. I feel like my mind is constantly running, and yes I think I now suffer from insomnia because of it. ha!

Of course you already know how much I love Thanksgiving decor; its mix of rich fall colors such as browns, oranges, and auburns. And I think I appreciate this style of decor that much more because we don’t have an actual fall season down here… our leaves don’t change colors and our wind rarely blows :(.

Let’s also not forget how special Thanksgiving really is; there are so many fun activities to do with your kids and what a big part of history to celebrate! I am so blessed to be able to teach my daughter its history and we are certainly blessed to be here and to be thankful. When I started working on my Fall Harvest line I knew I had to find inspiration from one of the design gods, Amy Atlas. And as always, she styled the most gorgeous and delicious Fall themed sweets buffet:

It really is extraordinary, beyond creative, and is perfect for adults and kids alike!!!

I am very much looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. Not only to be able to style it for my family, and not only because of the amazing food, but for the amazing family I am so blessed to share it with! Will you be hosting Thanksgiving at your place this year? If so, check out these sneak peeks of our Fall Harvest line that will be available in our Etsy shop soon!

Happy Styling! Until then.. stay chic!

xo, Nic

Thanksgiving candy buffet photo courtesy of: Amy Atlas Events

Clipart courtesy of: Goodnessandfun