Its the most wonderful time of the year…

Pitter patter to the beat of a drum, the holiday season is soo much fun! Hi everyone! Yes it has been a while since I’ve posted. It’s been an extremely hectic and busy Holiday season, after all its the most wonderful time of the year :). Hope you all had a happy and safe Halloween and of course wishing you an amazingly blessed Thanksgiving. I have been working on quite a few winter/holiday inspired lines. For a while now I knew that I wanted a line that had some of my favorite colors and items incorporated together. I knew pink, blue, and silver was a must but when I came across Glorious’ Treats Vintage Pastel Christmas, I literally almost died and went to heaven!!!! Look at this beauty, the perfect vintage way to add a new twist while incorporating all the goodies we all look forward to for the holidays:

Just posting this is making me so hungry :). So I finally have a sneak peek available for our *SWEET* Holiday Collection inspired by these beautiful colors above and some delicious yummy treats found during the holiday season and represented above by the fabulous Glorious Treats. Check it out below, our full line of printables will be available shortly in our Etsy shop!

Vintage Pastel Christmas party photos courtesy of: Glorious Treats

Stay chic!




Fall Harvest cont…

I keep reading all my northern friends’ updates on Facebook on how the weather is changing and fall has arrived and I must admit I am rather J-E-A-L-O-U-S. As you know by now fall is my favorite season, and coincidently I have yet to experience an actual fall myself. I dream of being in a place where the leaves fall and changes to all sorts of beautiful and rich autumn colors like this beautiful Michigan fall picture below. Isn’t it just gorgeous?!

I have been so busy with my last few parties that I hardly have had the chance to complete all my fall paper good collections. After seeing this, I could not put it off anymore. I finally completed our Fall Harvest Thanksgiving collection, mentioned previously on this post. I am delighted that I was able to incorporate beautiful colors inspired by both this picture above and Amy Atlas’ Thanksgiving treats table below:

Here are the previews of some of the items in our class Fall Harvest collection. I really love how everything tied in together, I cannot wait to host my very own Thanksgiving dinner for my family and friends 🙂

Our entire Fall Harvest Thanksgiving collection is available now on our Etsy Shop. Check it out when you get a chance, until then.. Stay Chic!

Fall Michigan photo courtesy of via upthedubs

Thanksgiving Sweets station photo courtesy of: Amy Atlas Events

Mickey’s Not So Scary cont…

What a great vacation we had in Disney this past weekend. We all came together as a big family, party of 20, to celebrate my sweet niece’s birthday party. She had a blast, and it’s definitely a trip we will all remember :). I couln’t help but to swoon over all the Fall/Halloween decor that is up at Magic Kingdom. Although Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party was not going on this past weekend due to the Night of Joy event, the park was completely decorated in the their Halloween/Fall decor:

I love it so much, I wish I could back to Sophia’s birthday party last year, mentioned on my previous post, to get more ideas to share with her excellent party stylist who did a phenominal job decorating:

This has inspired me to get to work on the remaining items of our Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Inspired line. We already have our custom invites listed on our Etsy shop, but I am wrapping up on the remainder of the matching paper goods. Here is a sneak peak of the party circles template that will be available shortly. We will be offering these items as DIY (do-it-yourself) or already assembled. I can’t wait to complete and share this cuteness with you!

Hope you enjoyed the previews! Until then.. Stay Chic! Xo, Nic

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween photo courtesy of: Tickets Inventory

Eeek Sweets! Halloween Treats continued…

Happy September everyone! Hope you all had a fantabulous Labor day weekend! I am so excited, I had an amazing weekend with much relaxation! I am even more excited because Labor day weekend is the unofficial end of summer which means that fall is finally here.. Can I get a WOHOO??! I woke up this morning and came across this amazing Halloween Inspired Polka Dot Cake . Although it’s only September, I cannot wait to take out and display all my halloween decor as this year I hope to stick to the theme that inspired our Eeek Sweets! Halloween Treats line we posted a few weeks back. This cake is THE utter most perfect compliment to what I invisioned my home decor to be: black, orange, purple, and green with a little bit of halloween fun in between ;). Check out SnowyBliss’ tutorial on how to make this adorable cake:

I am looking for some cute halloween inspired place card holders to display some of our matching paper goods around my house. I will be on the hunt the next few days to get this done so I can begin working around the house. Cannot wait to share the final outcome with you all. In the meantime, check out another sneak peek of our Eeek Sweets! Halloween Treats line posted in our Etsy shop:

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend! Until then…stay chic!

xo, Nic

Cake photo courtesy of: Snowy Bliss

Fall Harvest…

We all know how much I love the fall, I have so many exciting decor ideas for my most favorite holidays. I feel like my mind is constantly running, and yes I think I now suffer from insomnia because of it. ha!

Of course you already know how much I love Thanksgiving decor; its mix of rich fall colors such as browns, oranges, and auburns. And I think I appreciate this style of decor that much more because we don’t have an actual fall season down here… our leaves don’t change colors and our wind rarely blows :(.

Let’s also not forget how special Thanksgiving really is; there are so many fun activities to do with your kids and what a big part of history to celebrate! I am so blessed to be able to teach my daughter its history and we are certainly blessed to be here and to be thankful. When I started working on my Fall Harvest line I knew I had to find inspiration from one of the design gods, Amy Atlas. And as always, she styled the most gorgeous and delicious Fall themed sweets buffet:

It really is extraordinary, beyond creative, and is perfect for adults and kids alike!!!

I am very much looking forward to Thanksgiving this year. Not only to be able to style it for my family, and not only because of the amazing food, but for the amazing family I am so blessed to share it with! Will you be hosting Thanksgiving at your place this year? If so, check out these sneak peeks of our Fall Harvest line that will be available in our Etsy shop soon!

Happy Styling! Until then.. stay chic!

xo, Nic

Thanksgiving candy buffet photo courtesy of: Amy Atlas Events

Clipart courtesy of: Goodnessandfun


Mickey’s Not So Scary…

For as long as I can remember, my family has been huge Disney fanatics. Lucky for us, Disney World is  just a jump, hop and skip away (four hours! lol). We go quite often, and we are actually annual pass holders. There are great benefits with being pass holders, we can go whenever we want for as long as we want plus we get great discounts on hotel accommodations, dinning, and even resort purchases.  Sophia’s birthday party last year happen to fall on Halloween weekend since we would be out of town for her actual birthday. I knew right away what I wanted the theme to be: Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween.

Unfortunately, we have yet to take Sophia to Disney when Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween bash is going on, but why not bring it to her?! 🙂 It is a great theme for Halloween. Very kid friendly, incorporating the best Halloween colors: black, orange and purple, while maintaining the character and fun of Disney. I knew from the get go that I wanted to enlist my sweet friend Lilly, with I Heart Sugar Sugar, for all the party planning. At the time, she was styling parties from top to bottom, but her candy stations have been such a hit and in such high-demand, that now she only specializes in the most amazing and over the top candy buffets. She did an amazing job, styling the candy station, cake table, balloons, linens, centerpieces and more! I wish I had better pictures of everything as this picture of the candy station definitely doesn’t do it any justice!

I am so grateful to her for making the party such a success. I can definitely learn a thing or two from her as no detail went untouched! It was so great to be able to actually sit back, enjoy the party and all her hardwork. Our only assignment was designing and printing the invites:

Thinking that Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Bash is a MUST for this year, and I am sure my sweet Sophia will agree!

Our Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Inspired Invitation is now available in our Etsy shop. Check it out ! I hope you enjoyed our previews, until then..stay chic!

xo, Nic

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween photos courtesy of : Explore the Magic

Eeek Sweets! Halloween Treats…

Halloween is only a little over 2 months away and my little princess is counting down the days! She is totally a sweets person, I really think she would eat sweets any time of the day, all day long … for breakfast, lunch, AND even dinner. That’s if we would let her of couse!

To kids Halloween isn’t only about the ghouls , gore, and dress-up, its ALL about the candy & sweets. And let’s be honest, for the parents it’s about the sweets too! Most of us wait until our kiddies pick-out the candy that they DON’T want, so we can pick out the candy WE DO want ;). Who said it wasn’t fun to be a kid again?  When I was brainstorming about what themed paper goods I wanted to offer for Halloween this year, I knew I had to offer one that was all about Sweets. I found some inspiration in one of the most likely places, The Tom Kat Studio. Look at this amazing Halloween Candy Buffet she styled! I love how she incorporated three of Halloween’s primary colors: black, purple, and green while using sweets that were Halloween themed.

I love that her party can be geared to children and adults the same! Will you be styling a Halloween Sweets themed party? I hope I will! Check out our Eeek Treats! Halloween Sweets collection; a DIY party package that is now available in our Etsy Shop. Here is a sneak peek:

Enjoy this preview! Until then..stay chic!

xo, Nic

Candy buffet photos courtesy of: The Tom Kat Studio