Be Our Guest….

I love anything and everything French, as you can see in my French Fashion House post. My sweet little Sophia is really into her Disney Princesses now. Her two favorite princesses are the moment are Cinderella and Belle. A few months back we changed over her room from a nursery to a “big girl” room and it was tough deciding on a theme. I knew wanted something that displayed her love for the Disney princesses, but something that was sweet, vintage, and something she can grow into over the years. At the time, we were living in place where her bedroom was big enough to double up as her play room as well. It was great because she was able to sleep, laugh, and play all in the same place. When browsing around my favorite store, Homegoods, I came across this adorable vintage cinderella off-white iron carriage. Once I picked it up, I KNEW RIGHT AWAY that vintage Cinderella would be it for the theme. I pictured using blue with touches of pink, for  soft girly touch. But just a few weeks later could not believe my eyes when Andrea from Dolce Drive posted a preview for her daughter Sabrina’s birthday. It was exactly what I wanted, but for Sophia’s room. I was so inspired when looking at all the amazing pictures of little Sabrina’s Royal luncheon that were posted on Hostess with the Mostess. They were absolutely breathtaking. And what was even more ironic, is that the SAME exact carriage decor I had purchased from Homegoods would be one of the focal points of Sabrina’s celebration:

Sabrina’s party really has been the best inspiration! Sophia’s bedroom is still a work in progress, as in between decorating we moved to a new place where now she has TWO rooms, a bedroom and a play room. For the past few weeks I have been struggling with the idea of having this theme spill over to her playroom. But after much research, keeping in mind how much she loves Beauty and the Beast as well, AND coming across these amazing Mrs. Potts cake balls from Bakarella, I decided to stick with the french/vintage theme BUT make her play room Beauty and the Beast Inspired. What a concept!

Now she can have the best of both worlds, Cinderella AND Belle. Some additional inspiration came from the the color combination for the new Belle costume available at your local Disney store. Especially the touch of the pink roses:

So her play room will consists of baby yellow, light pink, roses, off-white , and vintage pieces. It’s still a work in progress, but wow how great would this be as an accent piece?

I hope to complete both rooms in the near future, but for now she is definitely excited with the progress. She always asks to put on her “princess dress” and dances around both rooms with her princess wand. Hope you enjoyed some of my many inspirations! Decorating has always been a passion of mine, starting off with home decor!

Xo, Nic

Cinderella Inspired Party styled by: Dolce Drive

Cinderella inspired party photos courtesy of: Hostess with the Mostess, photographed by: Heather Renee Photographie

Mrs. Potts cakeballs photo courtesy of : Bakarella

Belle Costume & Mrs. Potts Tea set photos courtesy of: The Disney Store


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