Eeek Sweets! Halloween Treats…

Halloween is only a little over 2 months away and my little princess is counting down the days! She is totally a sweets person, I really think she would eat sweets any time of the day, all day long … for breakfast, lunch, AND even dinner. That’s if we would let her of couse!

To kids Halloween isn’t only about the ghouls , gore, and dress-up, its ALL about the candy & sweets. And let’s be honest, for the parents it’s about the sweets too! Most of us wait until our kiddies pick-out the candy that they DON’T want, so we can pick out the candy WE DO want ;). Who said it wasn’t fun to be a kid again?  When I was brainstorming about what themed paper goods I wanted to offer for Halloween this year, I knew I had to offer one that was all about Sweets. I found some inspiration in one of the most likely places, The Tom Kat Studio. Look at this amazing Halloween Candy Buffet she styled! I love how she incorporated three of Halloween’s primary colors: black, purple, and green while using sweets that were Halloween themed.

I love that her party can be geared to children and adults the same! Will you be styling a Halloween Sweets themed party? I hope I will! Check out our Eeek Treats! Halloween Sweets collection; a DIY party package that is now available in our Etsy Shop. Here is a sneak peek:

Enjoy this preview! Until then..stay chic!

xo, Nic

Candy buffet photos courtesy of: The Tom Kat Studio


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