Winter Wonderland…

Christmas is only four months away. Wow! Where did the year go? Anyone who knows me, knows that I love the fall! My favorite months are October-December. Well because of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas of course! I love to decorate for all three holidays. I am especially looking forward to Christmas this year though. In the past I have normally decorated my tree to match my living room decor. Primarily golds, auburns and dark reds with some touches of brown here and there. My husband and I just recently moved to a new place which was exciting because I was able to change my living room decor to a theme I have always wanted: light blue and brown with touches of white. So what does this mean? Christmas has now changed at our home YAY! I cannot wait. My inspiration will be WINTER WONDERLAND: a combination of white, light blue, and silver decor. I can’t stop but thinking  SNOWFLAKES and more. And if we cant have a real winter here in South FL, why not make our own pretend one? It will definitely help us with getting into the spirit! Look at this amazing candy station, I am over the moon with how beautiful all these colors go together:

I am thinking of adding a few touches of brown here or there, or maybe even PINK. Both options go amazingly well with White, Silver, and Blue. My winter decor shopping has begun, I have already started buying a few silver and blue ornaments here and there. I cannot wait until Holiday decor shopping is in full swing though. Come sooner to decorating time, I will definitely be posting some before and after pics for your thoughts. Until then.. stay chic!

xo, Nic

photo courtesy of: Hostess with the Mostess


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