Tasteful Treats…

I am such a sucker for sweets. Anything that has choclate, always hits the spot for me! My daughter Sophia will be starting school for the first time in a few weeks and I was browsing around through some of my favorite vendors online for some cool crafty goodies I can gift her teacher and classmates. Thanks to Dolce Drive, I will be making my daughter’s teacher an apple bouquet made of marshmallow pops. Since this will be my first time making marshmallow pops, and they are in such high demand for all my parties, I decided to browse around to look for some other cool ways of making marshmallow pops.  Couldn’t believe my eyes when I found this… SMORES marshmallow pops!!! And trust me they are just as delicious as they sound! I made them this past Saturday as dessert for the guests we had over for dinner, and they were a hit. Makes me want to retire making the standard SMORES and replace them with these, or even any of Glorious Treats’ other recipes for cool SMORES desserts. Just looking at this picture makes me want to run to the store and make them all over again!

Try it out, they are delish!!!  Until then..Stay Chic!


photo courtesy of: Glorious Treats


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